Endorsing Purest Saffron!

With growing market and equally growing needs of consumers, saffron is now easily available at many places, but is that pure saffron? A question which we should not ask the person selling it but ourselves. And this blog will help you find that answer in few easy steps.

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A Small Tinge for a Big Difference!

Cooking with saffron – Oh…what a pleasure. Once Saffron comes in the purlieu of any dish, be it a spice biryani or a sweet desert, it surely takes the dish from regular to an authentic one. But have you ever wondered what makes this impeccable change so visible not only in the taste but also in the color and aroma of the dish cooked with saffron? – It’s the ingredients of this “Ingredient”.

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Saffron – A Costly Affair

Ever wondered why our mothers and grandmothers have kept this spice locked up? With many questions in our minds about the premium prizing of the spice, we ultimately end up paying for its benefits as valuable as they seem. In this blog, we will be unfolding the unruffled facts and untouched grounds on which Saffron qualifies to be one of the costliest spices.

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Welcome to Saffroind Blog!

Raise the curtain for our new “Saffroind” blog! From unbelievable benefits of saffron to unfamiliar facts of how to use it; you will find all of it here at this blog. We will be sharing information about Saffron straight from our experts who not only know saffron very well but will also help you identify the finest quality saffron in the world.

We are Saffroind – a company that can make best quality saffron available to you at your doorstep. Freshness or purity, we offer the highest quality of saffron to our customers. With stringent laboratory tests and appropriate grading as per the most demanding quality standards (according to the international standard ISO-3632-2), we make sure our customers receive an unmatched quality saffron at their doorstep.

We choose fresh saffron judging from its color and aroma. While the color of the saffron threads/ saffron strands should be a vivid red-crimson, with a lighter orange-red color at the tips, the aroma should always be strong and fresh. We take utmost care to ensure premium quality saffron reaches the end-user in the best possible condition.

So bookmark this blog, email to a friend/colleague, add our RSS feed, and explore the world of saffron at Saffroind blog. And of course, we are open to your feedback and comments on our service and our blog.

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